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Guided tour of Brotéria / Marquês de Tomar Palace

Guided tour of Brotéria / Marquês de Tomar Palace

The Marquês de Tomar Palace was built in the second half of the 19th century, on pre-existing structures, as the residence of António Bernardo da Costa Cabral, the first Marquis of Tomar. In 1970 it was acquired by the Lisbon City Council, which installed the Hemeroteca there.
Since 2020 it has housed the Brotéria Community, of the Society of Jesus, a house that is also a cultural center open to the public, with a library – about 150,000 monographs and more than 200 periodicals – particularly valuable in the field of Theology, Philosophy, Literature and History, with emphasis on the history of the Society of Jesus.

Meeting point: Brotéria - R. São Pedro de Alcântara 3, Lisbon
Max. 5 participants

Registration is free, by appointment, but limited to eight participants.

Information and registration
Public Service and Cultural Development
Culture Directorate
T: 213 240 869/ 887/889

General conditions of participation in guided views:
Conservation of physical distance of 2 meters, except for elements of the same household;
Use of mask (surgical or community);
Hand disinfection with the alcohol-based solution before entering enclosed spaces;
Respect for respiratory etiquette rules (coughing or sneezing into the inner area of ​​the elbow);
Respect the route guidelines and the maximum capacity for each visit.

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