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A Ermida Manuelina de São Roque

A Ermida Manuelina de São Roque

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Study and catalog about the Manueline chapel of São Roque, publication carried out following the temporary exhibition organized by the Museum of S. Roque in 1999. This exhibition brought together a diversified core of pieces that offers a solid starting point for a iconographic and artistic study on the figure of S. Roque. The publication presents testimonies and unpublished data gathered in the context of the grandiose works of structural consolidation and improvement of the Church of S. Roque, carried out in 1997 and 1998, information that allowed a new look at the old Manueline chapel of S. Roque, from incomparable value in the context of the history and iconography of the patron saint of the pestifers. In addition to the descriptive catalog of the pieces related to the mythical religious figure, this work presents to the general public the repercussions of the cult of S. Roque in the history of Portuguese art, as well as the historical narrative that involves the veneration of S. Roque in Lisbon and the construction of the chapel of orago to this saint, following the great plague that devastated the capital of the kingdom at the beginning of the 16th century.

Get to know the history of the old Ermida de São Roque, which once occupied the place where the church is today.
Access the virtual exhibition here.

Authors: Alexandre Pais; Ana Alcoforado; Ana Luisa Santos; Ana Nunes; Catarina Serpa; Claudia Umbelino; Joaquim Oliveira Caetano; José Alberto Seabra de Carvalho; Maria de Magalhães Ramalho; Maria Filomena Brito; Maria João Vilhena de Carvalho; Miguel Soromenho; Nuno Vassallo e Silva; Teresa Freitas Morna

Editor: SCML, São Roque Museum
Year of publication: 1999
ISBN: 9729800421

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