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A vida extraordinária de São Roque

A vida extraordinária de São Roque

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This is the chronicle of Roch of Montpellier, the son of a wealthy family, who turned his back on the destiny of comfort and fortune inherited from him to devote himself body and soul to life as a pilgrim. It is the story of a journey full of dangers and adversities, challenges that become greater with each step in the scenery of a Europe devastated by the Black Death. Between what the legends whisper and the chronicles echo, the story of Saint Roch is told, patron saint of epidemic victims, hero of an extraordinary life.

Watch the making of from the book here.

Author: Catarina França
Text: Ana Gomes
Investigation: António Meira

Pagination and illustration: Catarina França
Revision: José L. Baptista

Year of publication: 2020
Editor: Editorial Center | Culture Directorate
ISBN: 9789898712851

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