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Adriano Augusto Leandro: Geografia de um Legado

Adriano Augusto Leandro: Geografia de um Legado

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A chronicle of the life and legacy of Adriano Augusto Leandro, a prominent benefactor of Santa Casa da Misericórdia of Lisbon in the 20th century. "Geography of a Legacy" is a journey through the history of the successful businessman born in 1887 in Longroiva, district of Guarda. It begins in the capital where he spent the last years of his life, the city where he wrote his last will and testament, a text where he distributed his vast wealth among over fifty legatees, including family members, friends, organisations and institutions. A long list of generosity that reveals Adriano Leandro's express intention to contribute towards greater social justice in all the communities he passed through. These territories are the stopovers on this written journey: the Lisbon he chose as his home at the end of his life, the city of Torre de Moncorvo where he spent his childhood and part of his youth, and Benguela where he lived, worked and became rich in the first half of the 20th century. "Geography of a Legacy" is the 11th volume of the SCML's Benefactors Collection, an editorial series that provides information about the benefactors of the secular institution, men and women who, for over 500 years, have contributed to the mission of good causes of Santa Casa through their legacies, inheritances and donations.

Collection: Meritorious - 11th volume
Coordination: Editorial Center | Culture Directorate

Author: Ana Gomes

Organization of the inventory and charges of the will: Isabel Santos Leitão – Charity Unit | Property and Heritage Management Department

Graphic design: Catarina France
Revision: Maria Antas de Campos

Photography and image: Archive of the Grande Oriente Lusitano | Portuguese Freemasonry; File
Overseas History – Portugal; Lisbon Municipal Archive; Municipal Archive of Torre de
Moncorvo; Torre de Moncorvo Memory Center | Museum of Photography at the
Upper Douro; Personal collection of António Leandro Rodrigues; Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation
| Art Library and Archives; Lisbon Municipal Newspaper Library; City Council Fund
Moncorvo Tower

Year of publication: August, 2022
Editor: Editorial Center of the Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa
ISBN: 9789899021648

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