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Article: the book: historical journeys of a "tireless traveler"

Article: the book: historical journeys of a "tireless traveler"

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Talking about the Book on the World Day dedicated to it is, first of all, talking about an object that unequivocally characterizes the culture of Western societies, essential, throughout
of the centuries as a privileged vehicle of Knowledge, support of cultural content both in the physical form that we are used to knowing and in the virtual form, as more recently the new technologies have provided.
We therefore propose a temporal journey that will cover, in a very brief way, the history of the Book, in the characteristics of its material expression and in the potential of its digital expression, framing it as an object (or container) and also as an expression of thought (or contents).
Assistant to the Directorate, National Library of Portugal

Source: Cidade Solidária Magazine n.º 24
Edition: SCML, 2010

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