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The Adventures of Ant Nini (Stories of Ant Nini)

The Adventures of Ant Nini (Stories of Ant Nini)

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Volume I to X


Nini's first illustrated adventure, a young ant, cheerful and rabbi, who “does not like to always walk in a straight line. So every day she takes a break to see what else is out there”. Authored by Suzete Castelo Branco and illustrated by Paula Nobre, these adventures have as their protagonist a daring ant that, thanks to its adventures, plunges young readers into the wonderful kingdom of nature, its laws and rules. According to the author, the stories of “Formiga Nini and her friends report, through fantasy, real experiences that are part of the wealth and balance of our planet, transmitting values ​​that are important for human development”. The collection is composed of a series of ten stories, constituting a fun playful and didactic project aimed at children from 6 to 9 years old. The proceeds from the sale of this book revert to the Suzete Bichão Fund, a sum intended to support the empowerment of young people under the supervision of Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa, in fulfillment of the wishes of the author of this children's collection.

Author: Suzete Castelo Branco
Collection: Stories of the Formiga Nini  (10 Volumes)

Illustrator: Paula Nobre
Year of publication: 2007
Editor: SCML

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