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Benefits: chronicle of the gift. With the paper as a witness

Benefits: chronicle of the gift. With the paper as a witness

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In the immeasurable universe of Misericórdia de Lisboa's benevolence, the gifts of countless benefactors fit, actions that fill the biography of the secular institution, from its foundation to the present day. Between the lines of this narration of persistent legacies, legacies and donations, the author invites you to discover the way in which benevolence and assistance are intertwined, cause and consequence of the same generosity, like two sides of the same coin, never separated in the chronology of the years. History of the past that is not complete without a dip in the present, allowed by a panoramic look at the legacy left by Delmira Maçãs, one of the most prominent benefactors of Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa in this contemporary 21st century. Through the selected compilation of documentation and photographs that integrate the vast estate of the benefactress, the story of her life and her legacy is presented. These 'papers', so dear to the protagonist, are now made available to the readers' eyes, as pieces of the puzzle of a gesture of unparalleled generosity. This is the sixth issue of the “Cadernos Solidários SCML” collection, an editorial series that showcases the work developed by Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa in its different areas of intervention.

Author: Ana Gomes
Collection: Solidarity Notebooks

Year of publication: 2012
Editor: SCML
ISBN: 9789728761936

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