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Caderno Relíquias? O projeto reliquiarum - jornada 1

Caderno Relíquias? O projeto reliquiarum - jornada 1

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The catalog of the temporary exhibition “Relíquas? the reliquiarum project”, conceptually presents us with a project: the reliquiarum. This was, therefore, an exhibition of questions, reflection and latent doubt when starting a research project. What are relics and what are they for? And the reliquaries, containers or works of art? Why do they have so many typologies? The visual impact of the relic's materiality; the importance of documentation and the creation of a portal; the affective and devotional bond that relics generate in populations, the festivities, but also whether these same devotions will last in the future, and in what way…

Overall coordination: Maria Margarida Montenegro
Executive Coordination: Teresa de Freitas Morna

Coordination of the reliquiarum project: Antonio Camões Gouveia
Commissariat: reliquiarum team António Camões Gouveia, Carlota Cyrne Manoel, Gonçalo de Carvalho Amaro, João Miguel Simões, Maria Eduarda Napoleão, Maria do Carmo Lino, Maria João Pacheco Ferreira, Miguel Rodrigues Lourenço, Silvia Linhares de Freitas Pereira and Teresa de Freitas Morna

Text Authorship: António Camões Gouveia, Gonçalo de Carvalho Amaro, João Miguel Simões, Maria João Pacheco Ferreira, Teresa de Freitas Morna

Translation: Multilingual Europe
Graphic design: Luis Chimeno Garrido

Year of publication: september 2022
Editor: Editorial Center | SCML Culture Directorate
ISBN: 9789899021655

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