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Technical notebooks 07 - Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation

Technical notebooks 07 - Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation

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At a time when we are experiencing an unprecedented pandemic situation, with worldwide repercussions that are still difficult to assess in all its dimensions, the deep economic crisis and its social consequences pose challenges never before imagined. Given this scenario, the commitment to Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation is of particular importance, reinforcing the pioneering vision of Misericórdia de Lisboa which, in Portugal and over the last decade, has been investing in this area through its Entrepreneurship and Social Economy Department. (DEES).
Stimulating creativity and innovation in view of new business solutions that add social value – in a logic of environmental sustainability and the promotion of equal opportunities – are the central focuses of DEES' work. In October 2018, with the foundation of Casa do Impacto, this design gained more strength with the reception of the first social entrepreneurs. Installed in the Convento de São Pedro de Alcântara, Casa do Impacto has been operating as a true center of social innovation through which more than 1.5 million euros have already been invested, an investment translated into support for more than 170 impact projects . In accordance with a logic of strengthening the entrepreneurial capacity of local communities and with a view to promoting self-employment, priority is given to rigorous training, aimed at creating new business models in which the value of social innovation translates into the creation of benefits for society as a whole.

Coordination: DIRECTOR Edmundo Martinho; ASSISTANT DIRECTOR Maria Margarida Montenegro; DEPUTY DIRECTOR Samuel Esteves; EDITORIAL COORDINATION Dora Santos Rosa; TECHNICAL COORDINATION Inês Sequeira

Authors: Alexandra Lima (Director of the Social Innovation and Knowledge Transfer Unit (UISTC) • Filipe Almeida (President of the Portugal Social Innovation Mission Structure) • Gustavo Freitas (Director of the Social Investment Unit (UIS) – (DEES) • João Pedro Góis (Jurist – Investment and Social Innovation Unit (UIS) –(DEES) • Nuno Comando (Director of the Training and Incubation Unit (UCI) – (DEES)

Review: Patrícia Oliveira Teixeira, Ancestra
Illustrator: Cristina Cascais

Year of publication: April 2021
Editor: Editorial Center of Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa
ISBN: 2184-612X

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