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Cadernos Técnicos 09 - Património e Reabilitação

Cadernos Técnicos 09 - Património e Reabilitação

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Heritage and Rehabilitation is the theme of the ninth volume of the Technical Notebooks of Santa Casa. Considering the vast real estate assets of the Misericórdia of Lisbon - largely the result of inheritances, legacies and donations from the many benefactors who have entrusted their goods to the institution - it presents the investment made in order to characterise and organise them, manage them more efficiently and rehabilitate them so that they can better serve the good intentions of Santa Casa. As well as presenting the way in which the assets of the SCML are managed, there is also a guided tour of the Real Estate and Property Management Department (DGIP), the organisational structure which analyses, studies and puts into practice the most effective procedures, guaranteeing what is intended to be the most efficient management of the institution's real estate.

Coordination: DIRECTOR Edmundo Martinho; ASSISTANT DIRECTOR Maria Margarida Montenegro; DEPUTY DIRECTOR Samuel Esteves; EDITORIAL COORDINATION Dora Santos Rosa
Authors: Ana Luísa Reis Natário (Director of the High Performance Buildings Nucleus) • Carla Antas de Almeida (Director of the Charities Unit) • Helena Canto Lucas (Director of the Real Estate and Heritage Management Department) • Joana Mateus (Director of Director of Projects and Works) • João Pedro Falcão de Campos (Architect) • Maria Cruz (Director of the Projects Nucleus) • Maria Eduarda Napoleão (Coordinator of the Heritage editorial collection, Directorate of Culture) • Rita Sofia Duarte Fernandes (Director of the Center for Activity Buildings) • Rui Alves (RA + TR Architects) • Rute Ribeiro (Director of the Studies and Projects Unit) • Sofia Videira (Director of the Interior Design Nucleus) • Teresa Rodeia (RA + TR Architects)

Review: Patrícia Oliveira Teixeira, Ancestra
Illustrator: Cristina Cascais

Year of publication: December 2021
Editor: Editorial Center of Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa
ISBN: 2184-612X

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