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Technical Notebooks 12 - Homeless People

Technical Notebooks 12 - Homeless People

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The twelfth volume of the SCML Technical Notebooks collection is dedicated to the topic of homeless people.
A complex problem considering its multi-causal nature, this publication offers a set of articles and case studies that make known this multifactorial reality, at the same time that they intend to open new perspectives in view of also new and effective solutions.
The voice of the technicians is joined by the testimonies of those who, in the first person, lived – and overcame – the condition of being homeless.

Coordination: DIRECTOR Edmundo Martinho; DEPUTY DIRECTOR Maria Margarida Montenegro; SUB-DIRECTOR Samuel Esteves; EDITORIAL COORDINATION Dora Santos Rosa; TECHNICAL COORDINATION Henrique Joaquim (Executive Manager ENIPSSA | Ministry of Labour, Solidarity and Social Security) Marisa Melo (Coordinator of Social Assistance at the SCML Emergency Unit)

Authors: Américo Nave (Executive Director of CRESCER – Community Intervention Association) • Filipa Nascimento (Service Unit for the Homeless Person) • Inês Rodrigues (Service Unit for the Homeless Person) • Marcela Monteiro da Silva (Social Worker at the Unit of Emergency of SCML • Sérgio Cintra (Executive Director of Social Action and Entrepreneurship and Social Economy at SCML) • Sónia Nobre (Invited Assistant Professor at the Department of Sociology at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities at Universidade Nova de Lisboa)

Revision: Jose L. Baptista
Pagination: Cristina Cascais

Year of publication: December, 2022
Editor: Editorial Center of the Santa Casa da Misericórdia of Lisbon
ISBN: 2184-612X

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