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SCML customer service success stories

SCML customer service success stories

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We know that social intervention with vulnerable groups is complex, demanding and often exhausting. Faced with complicated and apparently difficult situations to solve, we see insertion as a concept for experimentation in the search for the most appropriate solutions for each situation.

In order to raise awareness of good practices in social care, technicians were asked to report cases considered to be successful interventions.

The selection of cases was at the discretion of each Proximity Development and Intervention Unit (UDIP), and may be based on either the development of palliative social work or generative work (with a view to individual or collective empowerment and/or autonomy services), and may also include a response to the user's needs without requiring close social support.

Authors: Etelvina Ferreira (coord.); Generalist teams and 1st time situations of the Proximity Development and Intervention Units (UDIP).

Year of publication: June, 2020
Editor: SCML
ISBN: 9789898712714

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