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Catálogo da exposição "O outro como epifania do belo"

Catálogo da exposição "O outro como epifania do belo"

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By tracing an itinerary through the vital spaces of the Cultural Pole of Saint Roch (Pólo Cultural de São Roque), the exhibition The Other as an epiphany of beauty (from 25 June to 5 September 2021) emerges as a response to the summons of the theme of hospitality as a design for a culture of the other. Starting from the sensitivity to the public space, the theme of the exhibition echoes the inherited practices of the authors who instigated the subversion of the work of art, risking it as a tool for communal sharing without ceasing to be a vehicle for intimacy. The proposed works and route intend to connect to the generational pulse of a certain pragmatic idealism, in which readings we intend to insert hospitality as an exit house in the route that seeks to bring the other to the shared experience.

Curated by Nuno Malheiro Sarmento, the re-presentation of Rui Pimentel to the public at the Convento de São Pedro de Alcântara is affirmed in the gesture of hospitality towards a work whose volume and density justify by itself the exhibition of unpublished works by this painter without descendants .

Coordination: Maria Margarida Montenegro, Helena Alexandra Mantas and Bernardo Cardoso, Directorate of Culture of Misericórdia de Lisboa; João Sarmento SJ and Matilde Torres Pereira, Brotéria

Texts: Alain Thomasset SJ, Claidia R. Sampaio on behalf of the Asylum, Helena Alexandra Mantas, João Pinharanda, João Sarmento SJ, Matilde Torres Pereira and Nuno Malheiro Sarmento

Production support: Paulo Santos Costa

Photo credits: João Ferrand, João Cachulo, Audiovisual Center of the Communication and Brands Department of SCML and Pedro A.H. passion

Design and Pagination: Luis Chimeno Garrido

Year of publication: September, 2021
Editor: Editorial Center of Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa
ISBN: 9789899021440

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