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Mãe D'água accommodation center: structuring processes

Mãe D'água accommodation center: structuring processes

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The phenomenon of homeless people is extremely complex and multidimensional, requiring an intervention centered on the set of problems that characterize it, while level of both housing and family, social, economic, unemployment or mental illness problems. The Mãe d'Água Temporary Accommodation Center (CATMA) was created in January 2000 to provide an immediate response to people in this situation, in an unstable home or at risk of losing their home. Created and coordinated by Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisbon to provide temporary and emergency accommodation for people in vulnerable situations, CATMA saw its coverage area expanded in 2009, with the creation of a host facility for single-parent female families: CATMA - Extension. Taking a brief look at the assumptions of this equipment, its objectives and the conclusions of specialists on the work in this area of ​​social emergency, this booklet briefly introduces the reader to the basic structure and principles of work at CATMA, illustrating yet how it is operationalized on the ground. This book is part of the Sebentas Social Action Collection, an editorial line dedicated to sharing knowledge acquired and consolidated through practice, in the awareness, however, that this knowledge is always under permanent construction and improvement.

Authors: Rita Valadas (right); Celeste Brissos (coord.); Rui Santos; Ana Pato and team

Year of publication: 2016
Editor: SCML
ISBN: 9789898712424

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