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Claudina de Freitas Guimaraes Chamiço

Claudina de Freitas Guimaraes Chamiço

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Chronicle of the life and work of Claudina de Freitas Guimarães Chamiço, benefactor of the Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa and founder of the former Sanatorium of Sant’Ana, currently Hospital Ortopédico de Sant’Ana, in Parede. In a story told in three stages: family memories, a biography and the legacy, this book follows in the footsteps of Claudina Chamiço, daughter of wealthy Porto merchants who would marry Francisco Chamiço, founder and governor of Banco Nacional Ultramarino. “In a time convulsively oscillating between extremes, [Claudina Chamiço] remained faithful to the principles and values ​​that she considered eternal, without condescending to the currents that then dictated the always ephemeral foam of the days. At a time of anticlerical fervor, she assumed herself as the true personification of charitable philanthropy with Catholic roots”, writes the author, alluding to the episode in which, in 1910, the meritorious woman (successfully) faced the government of Afonso Costa. Owner of an enormous fortune, a firm depository of the family's dreams, in 1904 she founded the Sanatorium of Sant'Ana, a hospital unit that constituted a vanguard clinical project, in which notable personalities of medicine, architecture and the arts were involved. This book is the second volume of the Colecção Meméritos SCML, an editorial series that makes known the benefactors of the secular institution, men and women who, over more than 500 years, have contributed to the Santa Casa's mission of good causes through the their legacies, inheritances and donations.

Author: Ana Gomes
Collection: Meritorious - Volume 2

Year of publication: 2010
Editor: Editorial Center | Culture Directorate
ISBN: 9789728761769

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