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Delmira Apples Collection: Bibliography

Delmira Apples Collection: Bibliography

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Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa over 520 years of existence brought together a vast and rich artistic and cultural heritage that is extremely important in the national and international context, coming from donations, inheritances and legacies, resulting from the generosity and altruism of men and women who chose to place their goods at the service of others, recognizing and contributing to the pursuit of the mission of this institution, in supporting those who need it most. The present catalog that accompanies the bibliographic exhibition O Legado de Delmira Maças to the Biblioteca da Misericórdia de Lisboa results from the integration of the bibliographic collection of this benefactor in the Library of Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa, which aims to enhance and make known her collection, thus preserving the memory of those who entrust their goods to this well-doing institution.

Authors: Coordination: Laurinda Carona Elaboration: João Lobo Technical execution: SCML Library

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