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Coral Stella Vitae - 70 years old - on the trail of beauty

Coral Stella Vitae - 70 years old - on the trail of beauty

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Coral Stella Vitae is one of the oldest male amateur choirs in Portugal. Born in 1945, he crossed the turn of the century, met different social and political regimes, and forever inscribed his name in the history of music in Portugal. The celebration of seven decades of existence at the service of culture was a pretext to make known in a book the singularity of the collective of singers.
Beyond the historical account, this chronicle follows in the wake of Beauty, the inalienable compass of the Stellavitan project. Whatever the enchanting face with which it unveils itself – art, friendship or faith –, today as in the past, Coral Stella Vitae travels the trail of Belo.

Author: Ana Gomes
Illustrator: Catarina Franca | Editorial Center of the Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa

Year of publication: 2017
ISBN: 9789898712707

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