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Literary criticism

Literary criticism

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Compilation of literary criticism texts, written by Delmira Maçãs, benefactor of the Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa, mostly published in the Portuguese Philology Magazine, between the 60s and 80s. In this volume of the collection entitled Miscelânea, Delmira Apples shares, in a lively, rich and insightful record, considerations about countless studies and works in the areas of Linguistics and Philology, with special emphasis on German authors. In the course of these criticisms and analyses, the author shares with the reader her unique perspective on issues of language, speech and language. These writings reveal Delmira Maçãs, a complex and contradictory personality who found her most stimulating confidant in the white of the pages. Delmira Maçãs' books were published by Santa Casa in 2009, in fulfillment of the testamentary mandate stipulated by the benefactor to the Misericórdia de Lisboa, an institution she chose as her heir: the publication of her personal writings, of an autobiographical nature, but also of a religious and literary. It is a set of 16 volumes, organized into three collections: Biographical Notes – Steps to Death, Dialogue with the Gospels and Miscellaneous.

Author: Delmira Apples
Collection: Miscellaneous Collection

Year of publication: 2009
ISBN: 9789728761653

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