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D. Leonor de Lancastre - great lady of the renaissance

D. Leonor de Lancastre - great lady of the renaissance

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"In addition to having established and organized the Misericórdia de Lisboa, Queen Leonor founded, endowed and organized the Hospital das Caldas da Rainha, the convent of Madre de Deus in Xabregas, the Convent of the Anunciada in Lisbon, the Church of Nossa Senhora da Merceana, the Imperfect Chapels of the Monastery of Batalha and seven grocers in the Convent of S. Agostinho.
From her royal patronage, the religious liturgical culture benefited, with editions as splendid as the translation of “Vita Christi”, by L. Cartusiano. The nascent theater of Gil Vicente was supported by her as exciting as the artistic genius of the goldsmith who washed the incomparable custody of Belém and so many other contemporaries, painters, sculptors, architects and musicians.
To this cultured Queen, national typography and literature owes the highest and most salutary impulse, which prepared the intellectual environment of the Discoveries period.
In the year in which the Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa celebrates the 5th centenary of its foundation, by D. Leonor, it has a special meaning for us to associate ourselves with the edition of this work in her honor."

Maria do Carmo Romão
Ombudsman of the Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa
(Excerpt from the Preface)

Author: Maria de Lourdes Amorim

Year of publication: 1998
Editor: Aeschylus
ISBN: 9729776032

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