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Professional Challenges of Document Management

Professional Challenges of Document Management

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Study on the new realities of document management, resulting from Rafael António's Master's thesis in Information Science and Documentation, book awarded the Raul Proença Prize 2008. At a time when Portuguese society is more attentive to the demands of transparency, ethics and social responsibility in public and private management, this book highlights the importance of administrative documents as evidence of actions and decision-making. Based on the principles of Archival Science, a new approach to Document Management is defended, as an Information System, which allows organizations to integrate the entire life cycle of archival documents. The study on Portuguese Municipalities, included in this book, is one of the most exhaustive surveys carried out so far, whose conclusions help to better understand the current situation. Safeguarding the technological ecosystem, through greater use of free software, represents for the author a new economic, organizational and professional opportunity and a great alternative for information management professionals.

Author: Rafael António

Year of publication: 2009
Editor: SCML | Colibri Editions
ISBN: 9789727729418

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