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Dinorah Castro Pina

Dinorah Castro Pina

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Chronicle of the life and work of Dinorah Castro Pina, benefactor of the Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa. In a story told in three stages: family memories, a biography and the legacy, this book follows in the footsteps of Dinorah Castro Pina, a personality of rare, generous and magnanimous dedication. “In the beginning, it was her passion for music that she surrendered to, as an exemplary piano student at the National Conservatory. Then, it was the work in a distinguished antique shop in Lisbon that rescued his soul and heart. This was followed by her love for Francisco Castro Pina, husband by virtue of a belated but successful marriage, in the midst of which she carried out the daily life of an affectionate and devoted wife without sacrifice. Intricately embedded in both her personal and professional life, antiques appear, pieces to which she devoted years on end with serene passion, experienced wisdom and rigorous method. They were the object of work, the umbilical cord of a marriage and the compass of a lifetime. Closing the cycle of a history of dedication to her surroundings, the public epithet of meritorious, which Dinorah Santos de Oliveira Castro Pina deserved, but never claimed for herself, is not surprising”. This book is the fourth volume of the Colecção Meméritos SCML, an editorial series that makes known the benefactors of the secular institution, men and women who, over more than 500 years, have contributed to the mission of good causes of Santa Casa through the their legacies, inheritances and donations.

Author: Ana Gomes
Collection: Meritorious - Volume 4

Year of publication: 2011
Editor: Editorial Center | Culture Directorate
ISBN: 9789728761875

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