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Preschool Education: Thematic Bibliography

Preschool Education: Thematic Bibliography

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Pre-School Education at Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa is an integral part of the Mission of this Institution, by contributing to the integral development and full insertion of the child in society, how to be autonomous, free and solidary.

Based on the Rights of the Child and on the principles of equity, the Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa Kindergarten network aims to provide a qualitative welcome for 2nd childhood children and the social inclusion of the most vulnerable families in the city of Lisbon . Misericórdia de Lisboa has been investing in the upgrading of its pre-school education establishments, carrying out extensive works in some Kindergartens, providing technical training to its employees and initiating the implementation of a Quality Management Model, which will certainly help to respond more effectively to the learning needs of fundamental skills for the full exercise of citizenship by children and families.

Authors: Presentation: Rui António Ferreira da Cunha, SCML Ombudsman Foreword: Laurinda Carona, Director of the Documentation and Information Center General coordination: Maria Helena Oliveira, General Secretary

Year of publication: 2008
Editor: SCML

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