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Enrique Mantero Belard

Enrique Mantero Belard

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Chronicle of the life and work of Enrique Mantero Belard, benefactor of the Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa, a story told in three stages: family memories, a biography and the legacy. This book follows in the footsteps of Enrique Mantero Belard, a successful 20th century businessman, manager of a large fortune, built by hand on the cocoa plantations of São Tomé and Príncipe by his ancestors since the 19th century. “From his marriage to Gertrudes Eduarda Verdades de Faria he left no offspring, but from this union a unique and perennial public gift was born. Fortune, method, generosity, appreciation for the arts and culture or altruism were personal ingredients that the couple had the wisdom to combine in the right doses to create a unique humanitarian work at national level. A work she had long dreamed of. But on the whole executed by him.” It is by virtue of the inheritance and legacy of the benefactor Enrique Mantero Belard, who died in 1974, that the Misericórdia de Lisboa currently oversees the Faria Mantero Residence – residential equipment for 'elderly, educated, worthy and needy people' – and promotes the Nunes Correa Verdades de Faria Awards – awards that annually distinguish the personalities who, in Portugal, have contributed the most to the care of the elderly, the progress in medicine applied to the elderly and the development in the treatment of heart diseases. This book inaugurates the Colecção Meméritos SCML, an editorial series that makes known the benefactors of the secular institution, men and women who, over more than 500 years, have contributed to the mission of good causes of Santa Casa through their legacies, inheritances and donations.

Virtual exhibition at Residencia Faria Mantero

Author: Ana Gomes
Collection: Meritorious - Volume 1

Year of publication: 2010
Editor: Editorial Center | Culture Directorate
ISBN: 9789728761684

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