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Fundo Musical: Século XVI ao Século XIX

Fundo Musical: Século XVI ao Século XIX

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Collection and detailed cataloging of the documentary and bibliographic collection with musical texts that are part of the Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa collection. 233 works are identified and described that make up the musical bibliographic background of the secular institution, 24 of which were handwritten and the rest printed between the 16th and 19th centuries. Most of the background music analyzed in this publication consists of Gregorian plainchant repertoire, although there are also species of modern figurative music. The cataloged copies are works collected from the Museum of S. Roque, the Church of São Roque, the Notary of the Irmandade de São Roque and the Archive and Library of Misericórdia in Lisbon. This bibliographic and musicological study constitutes an important support for historians and music scholars, with special emphasis on liturgical pieces. Accompanying the publication, a compact disc recorded within the scope of this edition reveals “musical pieces that were dormant on the shelves of the library”.

Authors: José Maria Pedrosa Cardoso; Francisco d'Orey Manoel; Nuno Vassallo e Silva (coord.)

Year of publication: 1995
Publisher: SCML
ISBN: 9729559732

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