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Early intervention in children with blindness/low vision

Early intervention in children with blindness/low vision

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The Nossa Senhora dos Anjos Rehabilitation Center was integrated into the Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa in 2011, coming from the Social Security Institute. In this equipment, specialized technicians work daily to provide young people with new skills that enable them to build or regain autonomy in their daily lives. In order to reflect on a more premature intervention approach, the Center for Early Intervention (NIP) was born, following up on previous diagnoses of children with congenital blindness. Born in 2014, NIP had innovated with an adequate social response, adjusted to the specific needs of a child audience. The booklet published here allows to know the principles and structure of this form of therapeutic intervention, based on the creation of individual plans and always adjusted to the specific goals of each child. This book is part of the Sebentas Collection of Social Action, an editorial line dedicated to sharing knowledge acquired and consolidated through practice, in the awareness, however, that this knowledge is always under permanent construction and improvement.

Authors: Rita Valadas (right), Luísa Desmet (coord.), Ana Maria Magalhães, Christina Isabel Nascimento, Renata Salvador, Sónia Grilo

Year of publication: 2016
Editor: SCML
ISBN: 9789898712349

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