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Youth: Our Future. Our Construction

Youth: Our Future. Our Construction

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Looking at the reality of young people today, a book that gives voice to young people and other actors in the community of the Lisbon neighborhood of Ameixoeira, in order to offer the reader clues to know and understand the experiences, interests and dreams of youth nowadays. According to the author, this book “resulted from the confluence of the will of many people, in particular a group of young people of great value, who will certainly be the foundations of future generations. Never give up. They are optimistic and jovial. They like to work in a team, they support each other. They are brilliant in their actions. They carry forward, with ever-increasing energy, their projects and ambitions. For the nobility of its spirits and character, for its will to win, to reach new goals, this book, with its testimonies, will certainly leave a mark on all of us. These are the examples that make us believe that the world can be better”. In addition to a sociological framework on what it means to be young these days, this publication offers reflection points on fundamental issues such as family, education, school, values, arts, sport, communication, health, gender issues, without forgetting the projects, fears and ambitions of the youth of the Ameixoeira neighbourhood, analyzes and testimonies made about young people and by young people.

Author: Cristina Vaz de Almeida

Editor: SCML
Year of publication: 2011
ISBN: 9789728761929

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