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Literacia em Saúde e Capacitação dos Profissionais – Volume 1

Literacia em Saúde e Capacitação dos Profissionais – Volume 1

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Examples of Good Practices in CHPVVC
Póvoa de Varzim Hospital Center – Vila do Conde

Scientific Coordination: Cristina Vaz de Almeida (PhD)
Editorial Coordination: I Layout and Photography: Communication and Image Office CHPVVC

Preface: Nurse Isabel Rocha | Director Nurse

Scientific Framework
Literated Organizations and the Promotion of Well-Being among Professionals and Patients
Professor Cristina Vaz de Almeida

Educate and Communicate first of all
Therapeutic education consultation and the importance in diabetes control – From necessity to results
Nurse Amaro Silva | Nurse Margarida Costa | Nurse Rosário Ferreira

Birth Plan
Birth plan: a contribution to maternal and obstetric health literacy
Nurse. Irene Cherry | Nurse Albertina Carneiro

Anticipation of Care
Preoperative Nursing Visit (VEPO): A good practice in Health Literacy
Nurse Fernando Santos | Nurse Paula Machado

Health Care
Promote health literacy to improve the training of people with ostomy: Nurse Ana Cristina Gonçalves | Nurse Ana Filipa Machado | Nurse Gabriela Silva | Nurse Adelaide Costa | Nurse Natália Ferreira

Technologies at the Service of the Person
Horus: A path of empowerment for the healthcare organization, the patient and the community
Dr. Augustine Cepeda | Dr. Ana Luisa Silva | Rute Costa

The Democratization of Health Information
Nurse Mónica Macedo | Nurse Carlos Silva

Contribution of new technologies to the Health Literacy of the patient and caregiver within the scope of Home Hospitalization Nurse Maria José Santos | Nurse Cecília Oliveira

Hospital Discharge
Benefits of Health Literacy in Training after Hospital Discharge
Nurse's relationship of trust with patient and caregiver: Nurse Goretti Oliveira | Nurse Glória Almeida

The End of Life
Communication in Palliative Care: steps towards greater humanization and health literacy of the person at the end of
life and your caregiver
Dr. Eunice Schacht | Dr. Evangelina Dias | Dr. Francisca Cunha | Dr. Joana Goncalves | Nurse Maria Antónia Rodrigues |Dr. Luís Milheiro da Costa | Dr. Paula Maria Lopes da Silva | Nurse Zulmira Peixoto

Year of publication: July 16, 2021
Editor: Póvoa de Varzim Hospital Center – Vila do Conde EPE - Training Office (FORM)
ISBN: 9789893320693 (digital)

Also available Health Literacy, an Emerging Challenge – Volume 2 (digital)

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