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Literacia em Saúde, um Desafio Emergente – Volume 2

Literacia em Saúde, um Desafio Emergente – Volume 2

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Health Literacy, an Emerging Challenge - The Power and Dimension of the Informal Caregiver in the Health System

Scientific Coordination
Cristina Vaz de Almeida
PhD Professor in Communication Sciences, specialty in Health Literacy; Director of the Postgraduate Program in Health Literacy (ISPA); Researcher ISCSP – CAPP; Scientific coordinator and author of several books, chapters, articles in the areas of health literacy, social marketing and health communication.

Aurea Andrade
Nurse Director of the Coimbra Hospital and University Center

Emília Torres
Nurse Manager in management roles at Centro Hospitalar e Universitário de Coimbra; Assistant Nurse Director of CHUC for Quality Management and Safety of Care

Organizing Committee
Institutional Group of the Centro Hospitalar e Universitário de Coimbra (CHUC) "Literacy for the Safety of Nursing Health Care"

Berta Augusto
Coordinator of the Group "Literacy for the Safety of Nursing Health Care; Nurse Manager of the Neurology Service A and Neurology Day Hospital at CHUC

Carlos Fernandes
Nurse Specialist in Community Nursing - Office of Quality and Patient Safety

Catarina Rodrigues
Nurse at CHUC Hematology Service B

Gabriela Lopes
Nurse of the CHUC Occupational Health Service

Maria Andrade
Nurse Specialist in Child and Pediatric Health Nursing - Quality and Patient Safety Office

Marisa Rodrigues
Rehabilitation Specialist Nurse at the Orthopedics Service AND CHUC

Diagramming:  Lígia Melo



Revision: CHUC Institutional Group - Literacy for Security
Nursing Health Care

Year of publication: 2021
Editor: Lígia Melo; Office of Communication, Information and
Public Relations of Centro Hospitalar e Universitário de
ISBN: 9789899874268 (digital)

Also available Health Literacy and Professional Training – Volume 1 (digital) 

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