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Style book from the editorial center of Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa

Style book from the editorial center of Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa

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The Style Book is not intended to be read from beginning to end, but consulted, whenever necessary, to resolve specific doubts. This is possible in the PDF format, thanks to which it is possible to search for an exact word or a particular topic among those included in this edition's index. To do so, just click the right mouse button, select the option locate and insert the term to search for in the document in the search box that appears on the screen. This operation will take the user to the desired page.

But many questions will not be answered in the pages that follow. In the process of building this Style Book, we identified the hesitations, errors and inaccuracies that we most often come across, then organizing a selected summary of clarifications. This publication is not intended to be an exhaustive document, nor to replace the indispensable tools to support writing: medical records, dictionaries, grammars, among others. It is a resource that systematizes rules dispersed in numerous editions on the norms and conventions of the Portuguese language, as well as some procedures consolidated by the practice of the Editorial Center, having as a criterion the most frequent difficulties of the editors.

Author: Editorial Center of Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa
Year of publication: 2013

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