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Longevidade: Conhecimentos e Praticas na Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa

Longevidade: Conhecimentos e Praticas na Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa

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Considering the challenge launched by the Minister of Labour and Social Security, Ana Mendes Godinho - to outline a contribution within the scope of the National Strategy for the integration of Longevity within the scope of Public Policies - which was accepted by the Santa Casa da Misericórdia of Lisbon, in the person of the Provost, Edmundo Martinho, it is important first and foremost to thank the initiative, which constituted the motto for the holding of the Longevity: Knowledge and Practice at the Santa Casa da Misericórdia of Lisbon Seminar and the preparation of this book. In turn, noting the committed participation and involvement of the illustrious leaders, gathering around the debate on Longevity this set of professionals with relevant intervention in this field, making it possible to compile the different perspectives, specialties and attitudes, the respective acknowledgement is also due.

General Coordination: Maria da Luz Cabral, Paulo Pedroso and Teresa Caeiro

Editorial Production: Project Team for Public Policies on Longevity

Technical Support to the Seminar: Alexandre Dias, Catarina Simão, Elisabete Franco, João Mendes, Margarida Branquinho, Pedro Oliveira

Review: OURTM
Graphic Design: OURTM

Video Editing: Communication and Brand Management (SCML)

Year of publication: July, 2021
Editor: SCML
ISBN: 9789899021419

Get to know the Workshop on Public Policies on Longevity, held in July 2020.

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