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Modelo de Intervenção dos Centros de Dia – Espaços Interage da SCML

Modelo de Intervenção dos Centros de Dia – Espaços Interage da SCML

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The Directorate for Development and Proximity Intervention (DIDIP) "manages, in an integrated way, the services and equipment of social action and proximity health, promoting autonomy and social inclusion, through the provision of health care and support, particularly in the following areas of intervention: childhood and youth; elderly population; people with disabilities; family and parenting; disadvantaged social groups and community development", according to the bylaws of the institution. With regard to the day centre, it is "an open response to the participation of the user and the community, which provides services and develops informative, socio-cultural and therapeutic activities, preventing dependence or its worsening, with a view to promoting autonomy and the permanence of the person in their natural environment of life, with more quality", according to the Internal Regulations of the Day Centre.

Direction: Proximity Development and Intervention Directorate (DIDIP)
Coordination: Alexandra Castro and Ana Moura

Authors: Esmeralda Zaragoça, Isabel Araújo, Isabel Godinho, João Mendes, Marília Viegas
Teresa Pires, Vera Vaz
Collaboration: Ana Luísa Silva, Helena Rosário, Inês Brito, Isabel Peres, José Castro e Cunha, Luna Marques, Manuela Marques and Rita Matos

Review: Alexandra Castro and Ana Moura
Graphic Design and Pagination: Cristina Cascais (

Collection: Social Action Booklets - 05 - Proximity
Editor: Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa/ Editorial Center
Publication Year: November, 2021
ISBN: 9789899021501

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