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Museu de São Roque - Catálogo 3ª edição

Museu de São Roque - Catálogo 3ª edição

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 Santa Casa da Misericórdia of Lisbon, having settled in the former professed house of Saint Roch in 1768, became the owner of some of the most fundamental works in the history of Portuguese art. Aware of this responsibility, the Treasury Museum (Museu do Tesouro) of the Chapel of Saint John the Baptist of the Church of Saint Roch (Igreja de São Roque) was founded in 1905 with the express purpose of making this collection of Italian Baroque art known. Over the course of time, the museum broadened its perspective, becoming the present-day Museum of Saint Roch (Museu de São Roque), where the heritage in the institution's custody is conserved, studied and disseminated through publications that frequently reassess the knowledge acquired.
The museum catalogue, as an instrument that systematises knowledge of the works of art on display and publicises the collection, is a perfect example of this process. The present edition of the catalogue - published twelve years after the previous one, contemporary with the museum's inauguration - thus brings together numerous contributions presenting the most recent developments in knowledge of the pieces, thus fulfilling Santa Casa da Misericórdia of Lisbon's cultural purpose of making this art collection a vehicle for cultural promotion, accessible to the entire community and benefiting a heritage that belongs to everyone.

General Coordination: Margarida Montenegro; Scientific Coordination: Teresa Freitas Morna: Editorial Coordination: João Miguel Simões, Maria João Ferreira and Samuel Esteves.

Authors: António Filipe Pimentel – A.F.P. António Meira Marques Henriques – A.M.M.H. Gonçalo de Carvalho Amaro – G.C.A. Helena Alexandra Soares Mantas – H.A.S.M. João Miguel Simões – J.M.S. Magda Tassinari – M.T. Maria do Carmo Lino – M.C.L. Maria Filomena Brito – M.F.B. Maria João Ferreira – M.J.F. Maria Mónica Carrusca Pimenta de Brito – M.M.C.P.B. Nuno da Cruz Grancho – N.C.G. Nuno Vassallo e Silva – N.V.S. Pedro Dias – P.D. Sílvia Linhares de Freitas Pereira – S.L.F.P. Teresa Freitas Morna – T.F.M. Teresa Leonor Vale – T.L.V.

Technical Advisory: Scientific review: João Miguel Simões, Maria João Ferreira and Teresa Leonor Vale (sculpture, jewelery and reliquaries)

Photography: António Homem Cardoso Archivo dell’Arte, Naples – Luciano Pedicini Cintra & Castro Caldas, Lda. Communication and Image Department of Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa / Audiovisual and Multimedia Center – Carlos Sousa Henrique Ruas Institute of Museums and Conservation / Photographic Documentation Division – Luísa Oliveira Júlio Marques Luciano Pedicini / Archivo dell'Arte, Naples National Museum de Arte Antiga / Susana Campos, 2015 Pedro Aboim Borges Soprintendenza per il P.S.A.E. e del Polo Museale della Città di Napoli, Naples

Illustrator: Luis Chimeno Garrido

Year of publication: October, 2020
Editor: SCML | Museum of San Roque
Edition: 3rd edition, revised and enlarged
ISBN: 9789728761301 (PT), 9789728761318 (ING)

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