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Museu de São Roque: Relíquias da Arte e da História

Museu de São Roque: Relíquias da Arte e da História

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Accompanying a guided tour for children to the São Roque Museum is the pretext for the adventure of visiting one of the oldest and most important museums of Sacred Art in the country. In a report, the author presents an extraordinary collection, with unique collections: the set of reliquaries - the second largest in the world - or the textile, composed of dazzling vestments used in religious celebrations attended by kings and queens, nobles , ecclesiastics and the devout people. At the same time that she reports the discoveries made along the way, Dora Santos Rosa proposes a journey through the centuries in which Portugal was formed as a cultural and artistic reality, but also political, social and religious. Knowing the characters who had an influence on the construction and enhancement of the religious complex of São Roque is another invitation assumed. Accepting it takes the reader through the corridors of the former professed house of the Jesuit priests or to distant lands, on missions that made the Catholic faith go far and motivated multicultural encounters. This walk takes you through the artistic objects that testify to 500 years of Art and History. This is the fourth issue of the “Cadernos Solidários SCML” collection, an editorial series that showcases the work developed by Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa in its different areas of intervention.

Author: Dora Santos Rosa
Collection: Solidarity Notebooks

Year of publication: 2010
Editor: SCML
ISBN: 9789728761806


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