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Museum of São Roque - Roadmap

Museum of São Roque - Roadmap

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Route of the Museum of São Roque da Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa, installed in the space of the former Casa Professa da Companhia de Jesus in Lisbon, adjacent building to the Church of San Roque. This guide is structured in line with the museological route, following the presentation of the different thematic nuclei of the museum, leading the reader through the permanent exhibition and promoting the most representative pieces of its collection. The collection of the Museu de São Roque, essentially made up of works of jewellery, vestments, sculpture, painting and reliquaries, which includes the exceptional collection of the Capela de São João Baptista, is an unparalleled testimony to the History of Art in Portugal and Europe. . With the aim of supporting the visitor and providing a better service to the community, this itinerary shows the centers of Ermida de São Roque, Companhia de Jesus, Arte Oriental, Capela de São João Baptista and Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa, to in addition to presenting a brief summary of the genesis and evolution of the São Roque Museum, a museum space that houses a heritage of great artistic, historical and social value from donations, inheritances and acquisitions over the more than 500 years of existence of the secular institution .

Watch the SCML report at the São Roque Museum
and make a virtual visit to the São Roque Museum to appreciate the treasures that await you.

Authors: António Filipe Pimentel; António Meira Marques Henriques; Helena Alexandra Soares Mantas; Magda Tassinari; Maria do Carmo Lino; Maria Filomena Brito; Teresa Freitas Morna; Teresa Leonor Vale; Teresa Freitas Morna (coord.)

Year of publication: 2008 (2nd edition)
Editor: SCML, São Roque Museum
ISBN: 9789728761325 (PT), 9789728761332 (ING)

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