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The Commitment of the Confraternity of Mercy

The Commitment of the Confraternity of Mercy

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Digital - Bilingual


Includes: facsimile of the 1516 edition and the counterfeit; transcript

The Commitment
THIS YEAR 2016 IS CELEBRATED, THE FIFTH CENTENNIAL of the first printed edition of the Commitment adopted by all Portuguese Confraternities of Misericórdias.
Remembering the Commitment of the Confraria de Misericórdia, a fundamental work to understand the matrix that has guided the Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa over the last 518 years, is to serenely recognize the DNA of our Institution, at a time when, more and more, past references must be honored. In this text, in addition to the Institution's guiding principles, the 14 Works of Mercy are also explained, which, despite constant challenges, we are so proud to fulfill with commitment and dedication.
Remembering the Commitment of the Confraria de Misericórdia is also recognizing that, motivated by social transformations, we have always been concerned to go beyond the mission with which we were entrusted. Because remembering is more than bringing back to memory. To remember is to bring it back to the heart. And it was moved by the will of the heart that the action of Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa expanded, being today a pioneer in the search for new social responses.
Over the centuries, we wanted to help more, do better, go further. Likewise, over the centuries, we have had the privilege of witnessing the creation of more Mercies and their adherence to the fulfillment of this Commitment.
Pedro Santana Lopes

Authors: General coordination: Margarida Montenegro – Directorate of Culture; Francisco d'Orey Manoel - Historical Archive; Samuel Esteves – Editorial Center; Exhibition curator: Henrique Leitão.
Translation: John Elliott

Year of publication: 2016
Editor: SCML
ISBN: 9789898712561


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