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O monumento funerário de São Francisco Xavier na casa professa do bom jesus de Goa

O monumento funerário de São Francisco Xavier na casa professa do bom jesus de Goa

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In-depth look at the funerary monument of São Francisco Xavier in the Professa do Bom Jesus de Goa. Pedro Dias makes known to readers, in a detailed and appealing narrative, the unique funerary monument of the chapel of the professed house of Bom Jesus de Goa in which the body of Saint Francis Xavier is deposited. Known as “the Apostle of the Indies”, the author considers the Holy Evangelizer of the Society of Jesus “one of the central figures of the Portuguese mission of the entire overseas space that Portugal was given by the division established by the Treaty of Tordesillas, signed in 1494 , and by the institution of the Portuguese Padroado”. Pedro Dias makes a brief presentation of the life and legend of Saint Francis Xavier, without forgetting the long process that went from his death to the date of his beatification, in 1619, referring to how “he is still venerated by Christians, Muslims and Hindus, in Velha Goa, where his body rests, in a sumptuous chapel that integrates the Jesuit complex of the professed house of Bom Jesus”. This profusely illustrated publication includes an exhaustive study of the design and valuable artistic heritage of the chapel of São Francisco Xavier, with particular focus on the funerary monument, executed in Italy and later transported to Goa, “divided into sixty-five crates ”. An edition carried out with the support of Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa.

Author: Pedro Dias

Year of publication:2010
Editor: G.C. - Graphic of Coimbra
ISBN: 9789726035015

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