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The Pulpit and the Image: The Jesuits and the Art

The Pulpit and the Image: The Jesuits and the Art

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Catalog of the temporary exhibition entitled “The Pulpit and the Image: The Jesuits and Art” on display at the S. Roque Museum in 1996. This publication contains a descriptive inventory of a set of 26 pieces, including paintings, sculpture, reliquaries and illuminations. This nucleus is made up of specimens of remarkable historical and artistic value belonging to the Misericórdia de Lisboa collection and, for the most part, from the S. Roque Museum. Through this catalogue, the reader becomes familiar with the legacy of the followers of Inácio de Loyola transmitted to the Santa Casa of the capital by D. José I in 1768. It is a laborious research work that reveals the tradition of cultural and spiritual value practiced by the Society of Jesus, revealing aspects of the Jesuits' experience with the image, with particular emphasis on the iconography of the Saints of the Company, the taste for the theme of martyrdom and the cult of relics. An edition of Misericórdia de Lisboa sponsored by the National Commission for the Commemorations of Portuguese Discoveries.

Author: Maria Filomena Brito; Teresa Freitas Morna; Nuno Vassallo e Silva (coord.)

Year of publication: 1996
Editor: SCML, Museu de São Roque
ISBN: 9729695717

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