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The Ceiling of the Church of São Roque: History, Conservation and Restoration

The Ceiling of the Church of São Roque: History, Conservation and Restoration

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Descriptive catalog of the history, conservation and restoration of the ceiling painting of the nave of the Church of S. Roque da Santa Casa da Misericórdia in Lisbon. This work introduces readers to the unique 16th-century ceiling, the only Lisbon example that remains of the great painted ceilings of the Mannerist period. Exquisitely illustrated, the catalog narrates the various interventions that the painting of the ceiling of the Church of S. Roque underwent, from its origins to the present day, with particular focus on the most recent restoration work, carried out between 2000 and 2001. Through this journey of five hundred years, it is possible to discover a painting that “reflects, like few other examples of national art, a deep sense of visual effectiveness, as a sensitive form of appeal to the values ​​of the post-Tridentine church. Advertising image, but also triumph, demonstrative, explanatory, doctrinal image, but above all enchanting, spectacular and seductive, at the same time complex, in the intricate program, and immediate in the sense of admiration that it provokes for the magnificence and brilliance”, as he describes Joaquim de Oliveira Caetano. A publication edited with the support of the Portuguese Institute of Museums / Portuguese Museum Network.

Authors: José Fernando Canas; Joaquim Oliveira Caetano; Carmen Olazabel Almada; Luís Tovar Figueira

Year of publication: 2002
Editor: SCML, Museu de São Roque
ISBN: 9729800499

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