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Oficinas de Estimulação Cognitiva - Cadernos de Exercícios de Estimulação Cognitiva

Oficinas de Estimulação Cognitiva - Cadernos de Exercícios de Estimulação Cognitiva

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The Cognitive Stimulation Workbook was developed with the objective of being another contribution to all those who work with elderly people on a daily basis and are faced with the gradual loss of their cognitive functions. The COVID-19 pandemic and the rules imposed on the level of protection have led to isolation and social distancing, which has aggravated cognitive decline, further depriving our elderly people of social contact and routines, essential to maintaining cognitive function. This Workbook offers a diverse set of stimulation activities, which work on different cognitive functions, with three levels of difficulty so that it can be adapted to the abilities and interests of each person. The diversity of the exercises also allows for the application to illiterate people or those with little education. Whenever possible, these exercises should be enriched with moments of social interaction and meaningful activities for the person. This Workbook is intended to be a complementary contribution to maintaining the cognitive capacities and quality of life of the people for whom it is intended.

Authors: Sónia Pérola, Ricardo Dias, Pedro Correia, António Loureiro, Socio-educational Animation Unit
General coordination: Luna Marques, Socio-educational Animation Unit

Review: Cognitive Stimulation Workshop, Socio-educational Animation Unit

Design: graphic concept Socio-educational Animation Unit
Pagination: TVM Designers

Publication Year: June, 2021
Edition: Editorial Center | SCML Culture Directorate
ISBN: 9789899021402

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