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Ofício. Margarida Correia

Ofício. Margarida Correia

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Catalog of the temporary exhibition “Ofício”, exhibition of photographs by the artist and photographer Margarida Correia, exhibited at the São Roque Museum in 2010, integrated in the Cycle of Contemporary Art Exhibitions in São Roque. Based on the relationships she establishes between the space of the Church and Museum of São Roque and its inhabitants – religious community, museum staff and security guards, among others-, Margarida Correia builds new stories around these experiences and routines. As Teresa Morna, director of the São Roque Museum says, “this project establishes an important dialogue between the daily experience of a space that is simultaneously open to worship as well as museum, the dichotomy between the profane and the sacred, material and immaterial, the modern and traditional”. The contemporary art cycle Perceções do Sagrado, which includes the exhibition “Ofício”, aims to promote interaction and dialogue between sacred art and current artistic production, supporting and disseminating initiatives and projects by young artists. Bilingual edition, in Portuguese and English.

Author: Miriam E. Kienle; Teresa Freitas Morna (coord.)

Year of publication: 2010
Editor: SCML, Museu de São Roque
ISBN: 9789728761738

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