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Duendes existem mesmo?

Duendes existem mesmo?

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In the context of the work developed by the Family Intervention Unit (UIF) of the Children and Youth Department, the technicians have long needed an additional tool to help them promote children's rights, both with the younger children who are under the care of Santa Casa but also with their parents. The book created by the UIF team will therefore be, from now on, a working tool that will help to explain concepts as important as the "Right to education", the "Right to health" and the "Right to a family and love", among many others enshrined in the 1959 Declaration of the Rights of the Child. In "Do Leprechauns really exist?", the story begins with the appearance of a Leprechaun, the protagonist of the children's story, who explains to Simão that all families face problems and that, on these occasions, the solution is to ask for help from psychologists, social workers, social and child educators, and family intervention techniques, since all together they "form a team". "The friends I told you about are people who, with families, think of solutions so that children and young people grow up happy and healthy. And so that everyone has their rights guaranteed", he explains.

Authorship: Family Intervention Unit - FIU
Review: Marta Brites Rosa, Maria Antas de Campos

Pagination and illustration: Catarina França

Year of publication: April, 2022
Editor: Editorial Center of Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa
ISBN: 9789899021297

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