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Palácio dos Condes de Tomar - Volume 3

Palácio dos Condes de Tomar - Volume 3

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The Palace of the Counts of Tomar is the object of the third volume of the Santa Casa da Misericórdia “Heritage” collection, which focuses on its heritage with historical and artistic interest that has been the subject of rehabilitation. The palace, located on Rua de São Pedro de Alcântara, adjacent to the Portugal da Gama Palace, has an extraordinarily rich history, with several relevant functions and remarkable owners, in a process that still continues today.
The objective of the collection is to enhance the heritage dimension through the permanent dialogue between the author of the historical study and the architect responsible for the rehabilitation project, in a crossing of complementary perspectives and experiences that enrich both the reading of the past and the hypotheses of more adequate solutions for future operation.
Discover this and the other two volumes in our showcase of editions on architectural heritage – Palácio da Gama/São Roque (vol. 1) and Quinta Alegre (vol. 2).

General Coordination: Maria Eduarda Napoleão; Editorial Coordination: Editorial Center / Directorate of Culture SCML; João Miguel Simões

Authors: Conservation and restoration intervention: Vanessa Rodrigues and Romina Samartinho; Presentation: Francisco Mota, SJ; Brotéria magazine history: António júlio Trigueiros SJ; Rehabilitation project: José Pedro Neuparth.

Collection: Heritage
Year of publication: 2019
Editor: SCML
ISBN: 9789898712783

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