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Portugal da Gama Palace / São Roque - Volume 1

Portugal da Gama Palace / São Roque - Volume 1

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Volume dedicated to the former Palácio Portugal da Gama (or Palácio de São Roque) which is located on the edge of Bairro Alto, with a noble entrance through the current Largo Trindade Coelho, and laying its long side facade over Travessa da Queimada. Throughout the book, olissipographers and researchers in different areas disclose the documentary collection carried out in the various dimensions that this building presents, from the various "layers" of time that pass through its architecture, and change it, to the heritage and decorative characteristics that the palace presents on its façade and inside its divisions. Finally, the building's rehabilitation project is exposed, with the aim of returning it to the population and the city. The objective that presides over this work is to enhance the heritage dimension through the permanent dialogue between the authors of the historical study and the architect responsible for the rehabilitation project, in a crossroads of complementary perspectives and experiences that enrich both the reading of the past and the hypotheses of more adequate solutions for future operation. This book inaugurates the Heritage Collection, which aims to make known the interventions of Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa in buildings with architectural, historical and cultural value in the city and of which the institution is the owner.

General coordination: Maria Eduarda Napoleão
Scientific coordination: José Sarmento de Matos

Authors: Jorge Ferreira Paulo; Martha Raposo; Nuno Proenca; João Pedro Falcão de Campos

Collection: Heritage
Year of publication: 2016
Editor: SCML
ISBN: 9789898712554

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