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Big People in Small Places

Big People in Small Places

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Looking at entrepreneurship in Portugal, a book that presents successful cases and entrepreneurial activities in the areas of culture and art, giving voice to the protagonists of a set of innovative initiatives and creative projects. According to the author, “this book about entrepreneurs was born from the wealth of a precious material that is people and their life stories that we now tell and record in this work. True entrepreneurs endowed with self-confidence, resistance to failure, innovation, initiative, organization, planning, with support networks and calculated risks, but who are also not afraid, do not give up and are very supportive, integrating and participating in the community”. In addition to a sociological framework on entrepreneurship, this publication offers reflection points on issues such as entrepreneurship and the social economy, the reasons that lead someone to become an entrepreneur, narrating life stories of people who stood out for their work and innovative projects, without forgetting a chapter entitled “Glossary of a winner”, in which clues, ideas and useful information are offered for potential entrepreneurs.

Author: Cristina Vaz de Almeida

Year of publication: 2011
Editor: SCML
ISBN: 9789728761912

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