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Projeto Radar - Falar. Escutar. Cuidar. A experiência do processo.

Projeto Radar - Falar. Escutar. Cuidar. A experiência do processo.

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The purpose of the Radar Project was to transform the institutional paradigm of work by activity sectors and to promote collaborative and humanitarian-based cooperation assumptions as well as proximity solutions, which translate into optimised intervention strategies adapted to the current situation and diversity of concepts, contexts and specificities of the population aged 65 or over. The change of paradigm requires a transversal and partnership logic, in which the diversity of visions favours involvement, participation and, consequently, improves the quality of the services provided, promoting a policy of dialogue and accompaniment. Communication and information sharing are essential points of this Project, which innovated with the creation of the Digital Platform "Projeto Radar" (Radar Project" as an optimisation tool that facilitates rapid, centralised and geo-referenced access by partners to situations that require specific intervention.

Overall coordination: Maria da Luz Cabral, João Nuno Mendes, Elisabete Lopo Franco and Tiago Martins Simão

Editorial production: Editorial Center | Directorate of Culture of the Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa

Review and Technical Support: Public Policies in Longevity Project Team, Catarina Silva Simão, João Silvestre Mendes and Maria Margarida Branquinho.

Graphic design: TVM Designers

Publication Year: January, 2022
Edition: Editorial Center | Directorate of Culture SCML
ISBN: 9789899021549

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