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Rehabilitation of the amputee patient

Rehabilitation of the amputee patient

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The book Rehabilitation of the amputated patient – ​​Experience of the Alcoitão Rehabilitation Medicine Center was written by members of the medical team of the Alcoitão Rehabilitation Medicine Center and derives from their experience and from studies collected in specialized literature. It focuses on the epidemiology and etiology of the different types and levels of amputation and on the various stages of an amputation rehabilitation program including the fitting process.

It is mainly aimed at young physiatrists or those undergoing specific training in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, but also at professionals from other medical or surgical specialties and at all those who wish to deepen their knowledge of rehabilitation and fitting.

Learn more about the history of the Alcoitão Medicine and Rehabilitation Center here.

Coordination: Natália Ramos and Tomás Stűve de Barros

Authors: Natália Ramos, Tomás Stüve de Barros, Carlos Pereira, Carolina Barbeiro, Carolina Falcão, Filipa Correia, Isabel Amorim, Isabel Batalha, João Capelo, Jorge Fortunato, Luís Jorge Jacinto.

Year of publication: 2019
Editor: SCML
ISBN: 9789898712899

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