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Reference for 1st and 2nd childhood proximity social responses

Reference for 1st and 2nd childhood proximity social responses

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Across the city, the Department of Development and Proximity Intervention of Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa, manages various social responses for people of and very different characteristics. Among these responses are those aimed at the younger audience: day care centers, family day care centers and kindergartens. Therefore, and keeping in perspective the need to respond to the new socio-educational challenges, it was considered a priority, in 2015, to build a reference for social responses of proximity of 1st and 2nd childhood.

The result, the result of the work of a group of authors working in the field, is this publication. As mentioned in its preamble, the Framework seeks to translate “a set of flexible and binding guidelines, aimed at structuring appropriate educational proposals that respect and value the plurality and multiculturalism of children and families, contributing to a socio-educational practice of quality, that promotes and increases, in an equitable way, the pedagogical opportunities”.

This book is part of the Sebentas Collection of Social Action, an editorial line dedicated to the sharing of knowledge acquired and consolidated through practice, in the awareness, however, that this knowledge is always under permanent construction and improvement.

Authors: Etelvina Ferreira (coord.); Ana Maria dos Santos Pinto Barbosa; Eugénia Maria Rouxinol Leitão; Maria João A. Peixoto Rodrigues Melo Gomes; Maria João Ferreira Sobral; Rosa Maria Dutra Lourenço; Vanda Maria Trindade Dias Ferreira Noronha

Year of publication: 2017
Editor: SCML/Centro Editorial
ISBN: 9789898712639

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