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Reborn in Alcoitão. Alcoitão Rehabilitation Medicine Center

Reborn in Alcoitão. Alcoitão Rehabilitation Medicine Center

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Pioneering in the way it was designed, the Alcoitão Rehabilitation Medicine Center, at Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa (SCML), was planned according to the best models, learned in the various training courses carried out abroad, in countries that were at the forefront of rehabilitation care at the time. It is this story that is narrated in the first part of this SCML Solidarity Notebook. A report where the guidelines that originated the unique equipment, internationally recognized as one of the best in the world, are exposed. Giving voice to many of those who accompanied that founding moment, there is also a record of the professionalism and delivery capacity that guided each decision, the will and the effort that made the highest levels of excellence possible.
Honoring such work and commitment, at the Alcoitão Rehabilitation Medicine Center the excellence of that past remains. In the form of a report, averse to technical language, the second part of the book reveals the day-to-day life of the Centre, the dedication of its professionals and the often dramatic stories of those who arrive with the hope of being able to rediscover themselves there. as an individual, aware of himself and of the place he can once again occupy in society. It is these reports - among the thousands of others possible - that make Alcoitão known, the place where many say "reborn".

Watch the SCML report at the Alcoitão Rehabilitation Medicine Center.

Author: Dora Santos Rosa
Collection: Solidarity Notebooks

Year of publication: 2013
Editor: SCML
ISBN: 9789728761998

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