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São Francisco Xavier - Vida e Lenda / Saint Francis Xavier - Life and Legend

São Francisco Xavier - Vida e Lenda / Saint Francis Xavier - Life and Legend

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Work dedicated to the life and legend of St. Francis Xavier, with emphasis on the pictorial cycle by the painter André Reinoso, a set of twenty canvases located in the Church of S. Roque da Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa. The author reveals to the reader the life and work of the Saint missionary of the Society of Jesus, developing aspects of the iconography of St. Francis Xavier, bringing to light some novelties resulting from the most recent intervention of conservation and restoration of the pictorial series. The cycle by the Portuguese Proto-Baroque painter André Reinoso, executed for the Church of S. Roque and located on the chest of its sacristy since 1619, is the work that best documents Xaverian iconography in Portugal, a set whose importance goes beyond the context nationally, as it is the first complete pictorial account of the Saint's life. Work published in the context of the Commemorations of the V Centenary of the Birth of São Francisco Xavier, this work constitutes the first volume of the Ciclos Pictóricos Collection, a bilingual collection (Portuguese / English) dedicated to pictorial series that integrate the important painting collection of the Santa Casa da Misericórdia from Lisbon.

Author: António Meira Marques Henriques

Year of publication: 2006
Editor: SCML, Museu de São Roque
ISBN: 97287611472

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