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Under the Mantle of Our Lady – Russian art collections in Portugal

Under the Mantle of Our Lady – Russian art collections in Portugal

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In Portuguese museums there are several examples of Russian art, of Byzantine origin, the main centers being the legacy of Ana Maria Pereira da Gama, in the National Museum Grão Vasco (in Viseu), which comprises about two hundred pieces, and the Pedro Vieira da Fonseca legacy, from the Municipal Museum of the Condes de Castro Guimarães (in Cascais), which consists of seventeen icons.

The exhibition Sob o Manto de Nossa Senhora – Collections of Russian art in Portugal resulted from a partnership with the Fundação D. Luís I and is dedicated to the images of the Virgin Mary belonging to these collections. The calendar of the Russian Orthodox Church honors about 260 miraculous images of Our Lady, and in Russia there are around 860 different Marian iconographies.

Authors: Texts: Edmundo Martinho, Carlos Carreiras, Odete Paiva, Sérgio Gorjão, Vítor Serrão, Fernando António Baptista Pereira, Irina Marcelo Curto; Translation: Ana Yokochi; Coordination: Maria de Jesus Ventura; Conception: Nuno Lemos

Year of publication: October, 2019
Editor: D. Luís I Foundation, Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa, Directorate-General for Cultural Heritage, Grão Vasco National Museum, Center for Russian Art and Culture Condes de Castro Guimarães Museum
ISBN: 9789898972040


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